Sunday, August 7, 2016

Ellie Update

We had two girls from the same litter named Ellie, so here is an update on one of our "Ellie" girls, who lives in Santa Barbara, California and is clearly a beach dog!  :)

Ellie is doing amazing and still the happiest pup anyone has met. She brings so much joy to everyone she meets! Definitely considering getting her into therapy training for her future. I've attached a few photos below as well :)



Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Spot Available on Upcoming Litter with Zoe


We have had a spot open on our wait list for our upcoming litter with Roman and Zöe!  If you are interested purchasing an English Golden Retriever puppy, please email me at  The puppies are due August 14, 2016 and will be ready to go home mid-October.  It has been HOT here in Central California, so we are hoping that it will cool down just a bit by the time these puppies arrive.  The good news is that by the time the pups are 5 weeks old, it will be perfect outside - warm enough to swim and play in the swimming pool, but cool enough for them to spend a fair amount of time romping and playing in the yard.  Since both Roman and Zöe are absolutely CRAZY about water, we are certain their puppies will be as well!

Both Zöe and Roman have simply fantastic temperaments and are gregarious, adoring, beautiful English Golden Retrievers.  Zöe is SUCH a people person and such a loving girl that we know she is going to be a great Mama.  Everyone here at Nicholberry Goldens is getting very excited to meet these puppies!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Getting Excited for Puppies!

We are inside the three week mark for the arrival of Zöe's pups and I find myself thinking WAY too much about them!  These are the days where, when I'm driving my kids to and from sports camps or youth group, I find my mind running a background checklist.  "Do we need batteries for the thermometer?  Do we have plenty of sterile gloves?  Do we need more washcloths?"  The list goes on and the worrying begins!

Zöe is such an easy and trusting girl that I expect her delivery to go smoothly.  But, there are always the unknowns.  While we have never had to rush a Mama to the emergency room for an unexpected C-Section, I know that someday we will have to do so.  I always wonder if this litter is the one.  And I always pray that it is not!

And then there is the anticipation of the puppies themselves.  English Golden Retriever puppies look strikingly similar to polar bear cubs - they are DELICIOUS!  I can't wait to hear their little sounds and watch them take their first deep breaths in this life.  It is a miracle to watch their pink noses turn jet black; to see them evolve from a deaf, blind, newborn to a seeing, smelling puppy (in just two weeks!).  Everything about them is a miracle.

They just can't get here soon enough!  I suspect that we will have a couple of extra pups tucked in on this litter, so if you are looking to buy an English Golden Retriever puppy in California, please feel free to email me.   Otherwise, stay tuned for pictures once these babies arrive!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Update on Tadi

Such fun to receive these!!!  :)  This is a sweet family from the San Francisco bay area who purchased their English Golden retriever puppy from us almost two years ago. They are the most WONDERFUL family and have done a great job with their girl, Tadi.

Hi Kerry,

I hope all is well!  Thought I’d send off a few cute pics of our Tadi this summer!  She is an awesome dog — so loyal, attentive, calm and good natured — and absolutely a crack up sometimes!!  She literally sings to use every morning to wake us up to get fed (it works!!)  Anyhow we are all having a wonderful time with her and love her to pieces!!    Hope your family is enjoying the summer and will send some photos later this fall. 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Must Love Dirt

Honestly, I don't think this puppy could do anything that would affect her cuteness factor.  How she found a patch of mud in the midst of cracked, parch earth, I'll never know.  It is a uniquely Golden Retriever talent to hone in on ANY traces of water, even when it's 105 degrees outside and we are in the midst of a drought.  She found it!  (And it is just a serendipity that mud eventually falls off of that creamy white coat and though the smell of dirt remains, she looks beautiful!).  Oh, little puppy.  You are a constant source of joy and laughter.  We sure love you!  (Dirt and all!).

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Family Testimony

It is always such a delight to receive updates from our families who purchased an English Golden Retriever puppy.  I honestly never anticipated how many wonderful people we would meet through breeding these gorgeous dogs and I remain so very grateful that are puppies are loved by so many fabulous people.  This is from a family in San Francisco (all of you who frequent Crissy Field dog park will probably see her there!) who waited a long time for their girl.  Such fun to see her growing up!

Hi Kerry and Monique,

I wanted to share a couple of photos of Mochi who is the joy of our lives! We cannot get over how loyal, friendly, smart, sweet, soft and just plain adorable she is! She makes the cutest sleepy sounds :)

Tomorrow she’ll get her last parvo vaccination and none too soon - we all want to head over to the beach! It’s going to be fun watching her make new dog friends, romping in the sand and splashing in the bay.

We are so grateful to have her,


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Zöe is PREGO!!!

It is a testament to how much FUN raising English Golden Retrievers is that we still get so excited every time we see heartbeats on an ultrasound.  Zöe's pregnancy confirmation is no exception, as we were THRILLED to see those lil' heartbeats yesterday!

Zöe was absolutely perfect during her ultrasound.  It is a little daunting to have strangers pick you up, put you on an odd table, roll you on to your back, elevate the table, and then squirt cold goo all over your belly before rubbing a strange contraption on it.  And yet, Zöe acted as if she'd done it a million times.  What a great temperament this girl has - the sweetness from both of her parents (Moses and Darla) is evident in this beautiful girl.

This litter of puppies promises to be a super example of the English Golden Retriever - they will of course have the gorgeous conformation of an English Golden (along with jet black pigment and creamy white coats), but most importantly they will have superb temperaments.  We expect Zöe to rear easygoing, mellow, eager to please puppies.  Roman (the sire) is an amazingly gregarious and affable guy, so the boys will surely have his goofy and loving personality!  Aside from a fabulous baseline temperament, we will of course perform intense socialization and hand raise these pups so that they make wonderful family pets and therapy dogs (we always have at least one in every litter).

We can't wait to meet these little pups in August and to share their progress with all of you!