Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Our Sweet Lollie Pop

      I am forever indebted to Borcsi Borb├íla Kerti for blessing us with this once-in-a-lifetime girl.  Lollie (Non-Stop Sweet Sensation) lives up to her name, as she is truly the gentlest, sweetest, kindest Golden Retriever imaginable.

      As we have increasingly focused on breeding service and therapy dogs, we have searched out lines which lend themselves to this kind of work.  Lollie's mum (Sequins Syrah) is a practicing therapy dog and really outdid herself when she produced our girl.

      Recently, a friend came over with her one year old niece.  She was in the "I can pull myself up on everything!" phase and happily worked her way around our living room, regularly plopping back down on to her bum when she lost her balance.

      It was extraordinary to watch Lollie with this baby.  She army crept next to this child, keeping her movements ever so subtle so as not to accidentally bump the baby.  When the baby moved, Lollie crept.  When the baby fell on to Lollie, Lollie shut her eyes and laid her head on the baby's lap.  This little progression continued for quite some time, as we all watched in wonder.  There is something very special about our girl Lollie and we just know that she is going to change people's lives with the puppies she brings into this world.  #welovelollie


Sunday, March 5, 2017

Our Boy Tristan Strutting His Stuff

Tristan LOVES going out on field trips, and he is such a commanding boy that he gets all sorts of attention whenever we take him out.  Here he is at Lowes, having the BEST time!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

My Muses: English Golden Retriever Puppies!

This might be one of my all time favorite pictures.  I am having so much fun with puppies and my camera!

Dog Bed

We got our new Kuranda Bed and I have to say, it is AWESOME!!!!!  It has survived this rambunctious litter and their Mama loves to lay on it too.  Such a great way to get the dogs up off the ground (ours tend to get sore elbows in the summer, as they lay in the pool and then lay on the wet concrete).

Kuranda Dog Beds

Hollie English Golden Retriever Pups 7 Weeks Old

Monday, September 19, 2016

Slideshow of Our English Golden Retriever Puppies

If you need a little dose of puppy love, this slideshow should do the trick.   4 week old English Golden Retrievers enjoying a little California sun - nothing better!

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Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Many Blessings of Breeding Goldens

It would be hard to describe the untold number of blessings that have come along with breeding English Golden Retrievers.  I fell in love with the dogs, never anticipating the ripple effects breeding them would entail.

Here's an example - an email I received from one of our families, just updating me on their boy.  Not only did it bring me joy to hear about the amazing dog he's grown into, but it also warmed my heart to see the way two families connected because of English Golden Retriever puppies we bred.  They live in entirely different parts of California (one in Northern California, one in Southern California), and yet, their Goldens bring them together.  How wonderful is that?

This is the email:

Hi Kerry,

Seeing your puppy pictures on Facebook reminds me of how excited I was to be getting a puppy from you. It also reminds me of when you said to trust the process and that you would pick the perfect puppy for each of us. 

You picked the right pup for Mark and me! 

We love how kind, curious, and funny Finnegan is. And one of his best traits is that he is fairly independent - he loves to toot around on his own in our backyard, sitting quietly in the sun, or surveying the yard from the deck--usually with a ball or stick hanging out of the side of his mouth. 

Yesterday on our neighborhood walk, he was so typical: he was interested in what two little girls were doing in front of their house (they snuggled up and said: "he is So Cute - what white teeth!") As we continued on, another neighbor who is very old and frail wanted to say hi. He carefully leaned near her so she could pet him. I continued on my walk, feeling very happy about what a good boy he is. We love him so much.

Finnegan had his first boo-boo this week - his front thumbnail was cracked and bleeding and the vet had to pull it off. (Yuck!) It looks bad, but he is fine and he is so good about not licking it. 

We are looking forward to seeing Norah & Ira Broome, and Joshua this Christmastime. We are driving down to San Diego area and will spend at least one day together. We met here in Oakland last year. It was so fun to see the brothers together. 

Good luck with the new pups and thanks again for Finnegan!